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I began drawing Kip and K'nor in about 2005, while traveling through Central America with some Dutch companions that I had met in Guatemala. Kip (chicken in Dutch), and K'nor (the Dutch equivalent of oink), became my journal companions long after my Dutch friends returned to Holland and eventually became the current artwork on the Backpacker Blend coffee bag produced by the Kalamazoo Coffee Company.

In the story Kip & K'nor meet the pot bellied penguin, the two friends start the story off stuck on a home made raft in a dried out lake bed. They are searching for the pot bellied penguin,who is rumored to know the way to an endless fountain of water at the top of a far off mountain (the tip top tap at the top of the Tup Tim Thai).

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Darren Bain

Darren Bain

Darren Bain is originally from Pocatello, Idaho. He lived in Atlanta, Ga from 1992-1996 where he began oil painting as well as playing in rock bands, Imaginary Friend, and Carmine.

He moved to Seattle, Washington sometime in 1996 to focus on oil painting, but quickly resumed playing in bands out of loneliness and love of performance.

He spent much of the years 1999-2007 working and traveling around the USA and over 60 countries around the world, to eventually end up in Kalamazoo, Michigan where he opened a music venue called "The Strutt".

In 2008 he founded a little coffee roaster called the Kalamazoo Coffee Company and later opened the Black Owl Cafe with a fellow entrepreneur.

Darren has a three year old boy named Kellen, which he wrote Kip and K'nor for. From Darren's lips: God gave me Kellen, and Kellen made me a better man.


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